Our Motto:

  • We turn your employees into happy top performers who can think and act in the interests of all interested parties
  • We bring passion into your company to convert human joy to positive energy

Our Definition of Quality of Life:

As much of the time as possible to fill with the greatest possible joy

The Pillars for Quality of life:

  • Pleasant infrastructure environment
    Look and Feel
    Further environmental conditions
  • Activities that are fun or enjoyable
    What you like to do usually also works
    What suits your own talents and is also fun
    What you are adequately qualified for
    Where there are clear,measurable or assessable objectives(own and others)
  • Communication or interactions with people you like
    Mutually respectful dealings
    Communicate verbal and non-verbal affection
    Strive for and achieve common goals
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio

We offer:

  • The implementation of a secure and holistic quality of life in the company
  • Training your staff to become an enthusiastic team, whose joy is the implementation of difficult challenges
  • Systemic-dynamic insights and corrective actions

What we do differently:

  • We network the best of the fields of quality management, business consulting and sustainable company training
  • Further we integrate the newest experiances oft he following fields:
    Brain research
    Behavioral science
    Motivation research
    Age research
    Employability research
    Mindfulness research
    Research in the field of Neuro Physical Learning & Embodiment
    Happyness research

Benefits of a high quality of life for your company:

  • Excellent work climate
  • “Automatic” strengths / weaknesses balance in the team
  • Excellent work results
  • “Easy” handling of big challenges / resilience
  • Avoiding stress-related failures, burnout prevention
  • Preventing corruption
  • Promote an appreciative and understanding relationship with each other
  • Setting long-term increased corporate success, which will be reflected in both; the monetary and quality-related success factors

Additional benefits for listed companies:

  • Contribution to the non-financial reporting obligation according to the EU directive NaDiVeG in Austria or CSR Directive Implementation Act in Germany
  • The NaDiVeG (Law on Sustainability, Diversification and Improvement) has required disclosure of concepts, due diligence processes, non-financial risks and performance indicators for at least 1 year, which at least relate to environmental, social and employee issues, human rights and the Fight corruption and bribery.
  • This topic is researched by the Vienna University of Economics and Business in close cooperation with the business trustees on the basis of corporate reporting. However, in order to generate verifiable effects in this area, the operational implementation of the relevant interests in the respective companies is required

Explanation of our graphic LQC model

What makes us unique:

We enable people and thus the “company system” to implement all aspects of the quality of life in such a way that a networked way of thinking of all influencing factors is achieved in the context of the success factors.

People who act with passion will change or optimize their behavior sustainably because they recognize that the state of passion is synonymous with personal fulfillment.

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