Benefits of a personal certification

Benefits of Personal Certification according to ISO 17024

Relevance of ISO 17024:

This standard is a globally recognized standard, in which form a qualification is to be defined, and how after the appropriate qualification measures, a check with a conclusive proof must be made. The international recognition of both, the learning content and objectives as well as the examination methodology, have great importance. Our certificates are issued on this basis. These certificates have a validity limited to three years.In addition, it is not only necessary to be able to prove the initial qualification, but also the current relevance of the affected area of ​​knowledge must be proven. Therefore, the re-certification takes place after three years, in order to be able to prove the permanent referral to the topics concerned and the continuous training that is involved.

Relevance of Personal Certification:

The person certification is a qualification procedure, which is offered on special topics as an addition to university education. It is important to choose an institute, which is recognized internationally. This recognition is achieved by the accreditation of these institutes in accordance with ISO 17024. This recognition is the biggest difference to the traditional certificates. For example, the Humancert Certificates contain a QR code, which can be used to check the authenticity of the certificate at any time.

The benefit for those affected:

The (potential) customer of a certificate holder gets proof, that the offered qualification of the trainer, coach, adviser, etc.  is corresponding to information.

The provider of these knowledge-based services can provide a flawless proof of his qualification and saves longsome representations.

Procedure of Personal Certification

All available certification programs including their learning target catalogs can be found at

You send us the completed application form with the required confirmations by email to Afterwards we check the correctness and completeness. The we will submit a confirmation to you, that you are entitled to use the respective certificate, together with the invoice.

After payment, you will receive your electronic certificate by email and you are allowed to use it as acknowledged proof until the end of the period of validity. After that, a recertification is required and you will receive a reminder in time.

The costs are € 150, – plus VAT per certificate.

Personal certification is quality control of knowledge-based services

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